Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Today is my Bday- another milestone in my life.

Today, I turn 25, a quarter century. This past year was a year of rising and falling. I learned a lot about myself and about the people around me. I am proud to say that I am able to celebrate my birthday by reaching a huge milestone, health-wise. My morning weight was 175.8 , exactly 30 pounds less than I was on my 24th birthday. It was not an easy journey but I believe without being so low in my life I would not be able to climb out and become a better person. I understand that some people who fall may never get back up, but I was lucky enough to have the right people around me to help me get back up.

To them, I owe my sincerest gratitude.

Growing up I was always overshadowed by by the holidays and as I grew older, I grew to understand that a birthday doesn't need to be perfect. It's really just another day in your life, but this day you stand and reflect back on how far you've traveled. In my never ending effort to grow up, I am celebrating my birthday 2 weeks from now... AFTER my actual birthday. To accommodate peoples' schedules, budgets, or what ever. So far, I am really liking this idea and may continue it for years to come.

To myself, don't forget how far you've come. Don't forget the hardships you've endured and are enduring. Don't forget that there are people who have it way harder than you do, be grateful for what and most importantly who you have in your life. Not uber religious but remember what Christmas Eve's Mass's message was, "togetherness" ... together with God, family and people who you care about. Focus on the people who mean the most to you.... and those who have stood by you regardless of your neglect. Make it up to them. It shouldn't take a new year to make yourself better but, for 2010, it's all about family.... and somehow career, health, love, happiness, sadness, strength and people who you care about will just.. fall into place.


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